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TMCStudio is one of the world's leading software for the creation and maintenance of RDS-TMC location codes.

The software greatly profits from our pioneering role in the field of TMC location coding and the expert knowledge that ensues. Since the development of the first Swiss location code our knowledge and the software has continuously been tested and expanded. As a consequence we are very familiar with all the involved technology and constantly up to date with any challenges and limitations that might exist.


TMCStudio is the optimal tool for all those who work on TMC location coding. All data can be recorded according to established norms and then can be further processed and analyzed within the system. Administrations and companies can obtain a clear overview of the individual location codes without having to deal with the extensive TMC specifications.

EditorSpeeding up processesmore

TMCStudio Editor allows you to create and update location codes. A multitude of functions and interfaces supports efficient management of the workload. These functions also make sure that that all data is always up to date. The TMC Editor needs to be bought or licensed.

ViewerSimple, coherent Layoutmore

TMCStudio Viewer provides a map based layout with user friendly navigation. It allows even unexperienced users to navigate and gain an overview of the location tables quickly. For a free copy of the viewer contact us.

Please note: TMCStudio Viewer only runs with location tables delivered as Firebird Database (*.fdb). Please contact us for a free conversion of your table

CheckerAutomatic conformity verificationmore

TMCStudio Checker allows you to verify if your data conforms with the rules laid down by TISA. It displays which rules were infringed where and by what. TMCStudio Checker is available free of charge for all location table owners who are a member of TISA. Please contact TISA to register and to access the download section.

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