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TMCStudio is one of the world's leading software for the creation and maintenance of RDS-TMC location codes.

The software greatly profits from our pioneering role in the field of TMC location coding and the expert knowledge that ensues. Since the development of the first Swiss location code our knowledge and the software has continuously been tested and expanded. As a consequence we are very familiar with all the involved technology and constantly up to date with any challenges and limitations that might exist.


TMCStudio is the optimal tool for all those who work on TMC location coding. All data can be recorded according to established norms and then can be further processed and analyzed within the system. Administrations and companies can obtain a clear overview of the individual location codes without having to deal with the extensive TMC specifications.

Versatile usage of map materialmore

With TMCStudio you are able to extract names, descriptions and designations from your map material or to use it as a background. It is also possible to use it to automatically generate Points along a road.


Structured Display and Examinationmore

In order to examine and assess location codes it is important that they are displayed in a structured way. TMCStudios offers all the necessary tools to do so.

Certified and conformmore

TMCStudio is used by TISA to certify location tables. As a consequence this guarantees that our tool is always state-of-the-art and conforms with all current norms and regulations.

Swift processes due to intelligent functionsmore

A multitude of functions and integrated functional logic makes coding simple. It allows you to concentrate on the contents instead of worrying about the technical implementation.

Easy matching of navigation map datamore

You have a navigation map and would like to see which segments are affected by a TMC report? The TMC Link Editor allows you analyze segments either selecting it directly or by selecting the segments at the beginning and at the end of a route and calculating the segments inbetween.

Referencing made simplemore

All references (Offset, Positiv/Negativ, Area and Linear) are automatically set by the tool. This way, you are able to greatly reduce effort and mistakes.